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2012 January This Is My Brain On Sports

I am a huge Dallas Cowboy fan and always have been, but I am getting fed up with these dumb ass coaches you, the GM keeps hiring. As an owner I think you are fantastic but Morris Claiborne Authentic Jersey as a GM and a talent evaluator, well you are horrible. Please go hire someone like Jon Gruden, who has publicly asked for the job on Monday nights covering the Cowboys saying would love to coach the Dallas Cowboys Use all that money you have and entice Bill Cowher to come to the Big D instead of using it for plastic surgery because it isn making your face look better so use the money to make the team look better.

Please quit drafting players from Arkansas, like Felix Jones.

Jason Garrett can not coach, he can coach at all. Yes he had them on the win streak last season after you fired the Marshmallow Man but I kind of give that one to the players for getting tired of losing. I mean how many god damn plays can you run in one game before you figure out the defense knows what is going on? Or can you throw a pass over the middle of the field to Dez or Austin? That what Brady, Brees and Rodgers do because their coaches have plays for their WR to go across the field not just the tight ends.

Also two games in a row he screwed the games up by calling timeout. The first one against the Cardinals where he iced his own damn kicker, WTF?!?!?! Then when they played the Giants the first game, he calls a timeout with like 56 or so seconds left when the Giants were about to score instead of making THEM use their last one. If they would have used their last one there then they wouldn have had one to ice the kicker and get a blocked field goal. I don even want to mention the Philadelphia games where the Cowboys looked like a Flower Mound youth football team.

Now to the talent on the team. Why do you think you know football players just because you own a team? The only good players on this team right now aside from 2 or 3 players I believe where brought in by Bill Parcells who you gave complete control too. those players would be Tony Romo, Jason Witten (maybe he was drafted before Parcells, not sure at the moment), DeMarcus Ware, and Miles Austin. Maybe I am wrong on a Morris Claiborne Black Jersey couple of those but I just winging it right now, don have time to look it up!! LOL!! The couple of players that you and your puppets have brought in that are good are Sean Lee, DeMarco Murray and Dez Bryant, oh and I will give you Laurent Robinson too he has been great so make sure you resign him ok.

Terance Newman needs to be released, fired or forced to retire. he has cost the defense many touchdowns and embarrassing moments the past few years. I know you have some loyalty to players but he hasn done much for a while. Also Mike Jenkins is the biggest pussy in the NFL. He gets hurt every other play. I don mind Abram Elam or Sensabaugh but you have to at least have some cover corners to help out the not so great at defending safeties. Still you should get a DB in the draft maybe that kid from LSU that was up for the Heisman this year. Then go out in free agency and get a REAL cornerback or safety.

The offensive line, well I don know where any of these guys come from, undrafted, late rounds or somebody couch. Aside from Tyrone Smith you need everyone replaced. I am tired of seeing bad snaps for that dumb face center he has bunch of games this season. And please let Smith protect Romo blind side next season instead of Free. Even if you have to draft another first rounder and start him at the beginning of the season I am fine with that just do something.

Even though you have already publicly cam out and said you were not gonna fire Jason Garrett, I sure hope you rethink that and hire a real football coach and while your at it please hire a real football GM. Just saying.

I like to get into conversations about sports that lead to great times or into heated arguments, either way it is a fun time when sports is involved. Here on my blog I will be talking about all sports ranging from MMA, NFL, NBA, MLB, Boxing, Nascar and so on. Occasionally I may even talk about synchronized swimming if something crazy happened like they weren synchronized or something!!

Anyways I always enjoy people joining in on the conversations whether you agree or not. I also like people bringing up conversations that maybe I haven talked about or you just want to let me know about something in the sports world from your area and your teams.

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